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Emersun Industries Company was established in 1364 (1985) and has produced household freezer since 1366 (1987). The production line of the first 16 foot refrigerator-freezer with new plan was exploited in 1366 (1987). The unique features of this product are its body design and chilling system which has changed this product into the most sold refrigerator-freezers.


Regarding the market’s demands, the 18 and 20 foot Emersun refrigerator-freezers have been designed and manufactured. It is necessary to mention that the 18 foot refrigerator-freezer has been the most sold product of this kind in the country, and the 20 foot refrigerator-freezer has likewise the first rank in this field. In concurrent with development of Emersun activities, considering the company strategy and employing the industrial principals in the process of designing and manufacturing new products, the 5 foot refrigerator in 1381-1382 (2002-2003), 20 foot refrigerator-freezer in 1382-1383 (2003-2004), was succeeded in achieving the “Predominant Plaque from the Exporting Center and the Academy of Art”.

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